Demand Justice for Antonio Arce, 14-Year-Old Killed by Police in Tempe!

  • van: Llowell W
  • ontvanger: Tempe Police Department

On January 16, a 14-year-old Latino boy named Antonio Arce was shot dead by police in Tempe, Ariz. He had been suspected of burglarizing a vehicle and had been carrying an airsoft replica 1911 pistol, allegedly stolen from the vehicle.

The Tempe Police Department has refused to name the officer who fired on Arce, have withheld body camera footage of the shooting and have denied his grieving family access to the body.

This utter lack of transparency is not only incredibly disrespectful, it suggests there is something to hide – that Tempe PD authorities realize one of their officers committed a serious wrongdoing.

Please add your name to this petition to call for Tempe PD to immediately cooperate with Antonio Arce's family's requests for an open and fair investigation into his death!

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