Demand Fair and unbiased Process for Child custody. Put an end to moral corruption.

  • van: Elliot Webb
  • ontvanger: Everyone knows at least one case similar to mine. That can change.

I am the proud father of the most wonderful 2-year-old little girl, Alice. She lives with her mom. The problem is, she is not a good mother. For many reasons, all of which I have evidence for. She has a mental illness. Her whole side of the family has a history of mental illness or drug abuse. She attempted suicide before just feet away from where our daughter was sleeping. She got the house infested with fleas because she refused to admit that the poor dog had them, until it scratched itself to the point of bleeding. I once found a flea on my daughter's face at that time. She kept her in the same room as cat feces and cat urine for the first few months of her life, in the same home as a heroin addict. She would teach her to slap people, curse, and more. She kept her without medical insurance while she was sick with pink-eye and a virus that required antibiotics; when I picked her up I did not realize how sick she was; I eventually had to take her to the ER which is when I found out I was going to have to pay out of pocket for her recovery. I could have added her to my medical insurance weeks prior. She could have been at serious risk had I not picked her up. And much, much more. About 30 pages of documented evidence that show a clear pattern of neglect, lack of responsibility, negligence, poor decision making.
This is the real problem with this: not a single soul cares. I had heard before about how rigged the system was, but to experience it first-hand it is shocking. Scandalous. Outrageous. The guardian et litem will not do anything. The judge will not do anything. My own lawyer will not do anything. I have worked so hard to promise her a good life, a good upbringing, a good childhood. I am failing, but I will not give up. Never. I have a good job now, I have good future prospects, I have an amazing home for her to grow up in with plenty of space to play, plenty of daily activities, plenty of love to go around. Everyone involved is aware, but they show apathy towards my concerns. They are trying to turn me into a complacent sycophant to my daughter's situation. Please help me change this morally corrupt system that doesn't begin with "what is best for the child?" but rather "is the child really doing horribly enough that she should be handed to the father?" It is not fair. Not to me, not to her. They say "well life isn't fair" well NO. But let's MAKE it fair. For them. Help me help the future of this world. This doesn't only affect Alice, but thousands if not millions of other kids. I know it's a stretch. I know it seems impossible. Everyone knows this is happening but no one has the courage to question if something can be done to improve the way our children are handled in our so called justice system. I don't care if it takes years. I don't care if it takes a billion people. I don't care if I have to write dozens, hundreds of people until my fingers are bleeding. If nothing else, this will have helped me voice my frustrations. I need to know that I am truly doing everything I can, it's the only way that I can fail and still hold my head up high knowing it was never going to work. If you would like to help, if you have questions, if you would like to see the documentation I have mentioned, or for any other reason please reach out to me. If you even took the time to read this far, you have my appreciation.

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