Cockfights aren't a sport, they are for sadists. THEY MUST STOP!

Puerto Rico (PR) is the only territory where cock fights are legal. They call this spectacle of blood and death a "gentleman's sport". The birds are subjected to the most horrible conditions and don't even eat until it is their turn to die or kill. This is plain sadism. You can look it up in any dictionary, in any language. A person that enjoys watching this spectacle of blood, death and suffering is a sadist. We don't need more violence in PR. Their excuse is it is natural for these birds to kill each other. But these "gentlemen" even put razor-like devices so there is more blood involved in the fights they call a "sport". Then they get together to bet on the birds and enjoy the spectacle of blood and violence. Please help us stop this and make it a thing of the past. Don't let them glorify violence and cruelty anymore. Cock fights are illegal in all other US territories. Lets do the same in PR. Please tell the PR government to stop this animal abuse in the name of sadistic pleasure. Thank you.

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