Tell the Macy's Parade to reject Mom's for Liberty's demand to exclude LGBTQ+ people from Thanksgiving!

Mom's for Liberty is taking their hate group status to new heights by demanding the LGBTQ+ community be taken out of national Thanksgiving celebrations. The Macy's Thanksgiving Parade is being harassed by extremists for their modest inclusion of the LGBTQ+ community. 

Gay people exist, and that's a fact that most MAGA brained conservatives would rather ignore. So much so that even seeing one on their TV screens might send them into a panic. Their concerns are not drag queens or pride flags, it's performances from Broadway shows that have self-identified, nonbinary and transgender cast members. Mom's for Liberty would be more happy if the LGBTQ+ community would just disappear, but they won't be erased on our watch.

Add your name to tell the Macy's Parade to reject Mom's for Liberty's demand to exclude transgender people from Thanksgiving!

Mom's for Liberty's demand is ridiculous, but it's rooted in bigotry we have a duty to fight. The uptick in homophobia and transphobia only threatens to get more dangerous the longer we allow calls like this to go unchecked. There is no future in which LGBTQ+ people are not represented in our celebrations or media, period. 

Mom's for Liberty's disgusting petition fighting the inclusion of the queer community in Macy's Thanksgiving parade has 20,000 signers, but there are hundreds of thousands more allies in our ranks. 

Show up for the LGBTQ+ community and demand Macy's Parade reject the hateful sentiments of Mom's for Liberty!

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