Demand for the monthly distribution of free Sanitary Pads to Secondary School Girls across Nigeria.

Medical research has it that, most reproductive health issues amongst African women could be traced to poor menstrual hygiene due to poverty. Millions of your girls in schools who are not yet employed, and who also are from poor homes in Nigeria, can't afford a Sanitary Pad. So they use unhealthy and unhygienic materials such as pieces of clothes, poor quality tissue papers and other materials to absorbe menstrual flow. These girls find it hard managing menstuation and studies because they fear the embarrassment of blood stains on their uniform due to the kind of materials they used in absorbing the menstrual flow. Sometime they just have to stay away from school due to this situation. A 2016 United Nations report estimates that 1 in 10 girls In Sub-Saharan Africa skips school due to menstrual cycle. I want the Nigerian government to make provisions through the Presidency, The office of the First Lady, State Governors the Federal Ministry of Health and the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs for the distribution of free Sanitary Pads monthly to girls in secondary schools across all the states in Nigeria.

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