"Demand a change within our communities Hospital!!!!"

Please join me in a petition involving Ponca City Hospital, and demand change!!!!

Concerns and reasoning behind this petition;

- Shunting of patients who lack good healthcare coverage
- Extremely long wait times and physicians with very poor bedside manner
- Discharging patients without thorough exams and/or the necessary Laboratory & Diagnostic testing being ordered.
- Preventable & treatable medical conditions being overlooked and leading to unfortunate deaths and/or causing patients to be admitted into other hospitals.
- Wrongful diagnoses leading to unnecessary exposure to radiation and expensive diagnostic testing and/or visits to specialist without cause.

IT IS TIME FOR A CHANGE WITHIN OUR COMMUNITIES HOSPITAL!!! Our families and our friends lives are at stake and for that, we can NO LONGER accept the bare minimum we are receiving from our hospital. Please join me in a cause worth fighting for by signing this petition. CHANGE is possible and CAN happen if we as a community join forces and DEMAND that we are provided with the healthcare that we all deserve!!! I would be honored to provide our community with a voice as far too many people have suffered at the hands of our hospital and by the care that we are receiving. I can only imagine how many heartbreaking stories are being left silenced in fear that your voices may not be heard or that your stories may not matter but i assure you that I will give us all the voice that we deserve to demand change.

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petitie tekenen
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