Demand a break for bees!

    Ever since the technology age started, we've been so addicted to the digital screen, but we've never cared about the nature around us. So now, I will be telling you about the ugly truth of electronics. I know, I'm also using a computer to send this message to you, but this can be the little creatures only hope! So in every message, we sent to our friends and family, and in every call to people around us, each message or call or even any posts in social media will send a huge confusion to the little antennae in the bees. Causing them to go somewhere which is definitely not their hive! Ok, let's put it this way, it's your first day of work/ school, you need to get back home from the work/ school on time because there's an important meeting/ project you need to do at home, so you use your phone and decided to just follow whatever route is the fastest to get back home, and when you arrived in the destination you asked Google Maps to do was totally not your house. And you're totally lost because your signal was lost. And this is how bees felt in the last few decades, can you imagine that?

    So I'm saying why don't we just give a day or a week called the NO ELECTRONICS DAY for the bees? This is similar to Earth Day but like do not use any electronics week or day a year to you know, give those bees a break! But you can, of course, you use your electronics for emergency etc.,

    Can we please make this happen for those bees and other animals who have the same problems as bees?
    petitie tekenen
    petitie tekenen
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