Say No to torture by rape by secret police undercover in Canada. Demand Canadian Government to make a law to prohibit secret police law enforcement in Canada to rape women and children undercover under any circumstances and make them accountable as rapist

It is very important for Canadian people, parents, grandparents, all those who have conscience and love Canada to believe me that I am telling the truth and this is not a hoax, not a scam, not an imagination, technology like that is used everywhere in the World.

All I ask from you is to support me to protect you and your children from this crime, they rape women and little babies!!!

I been cruely victimized by law enforcement in Canada, they used surveillance technology to stimulate my body to rape me everyday for hours often nonstop for a year with no end. The suffering they have intentionally caused is inhumane and unbearable to tolerate, its a million times more sexual violation than a rapist in person can do. Its burning like an iron, throbbing like a screwdriver or jigsaw, unbearable pain, pulsating in any direction with any force, violating woman body in the most terrible way unimaginable to human mind. My demands to STOP have been always ignored. Evidence of this abuse is hidden and this abuse remains a secret to all Canadian people. No one can or would help me to stop this abuse. My suffering doesn't end. I have witnessed them sexually violated a 1 year old baby girl, taking away her innocence. They at the same time abused her mentally and severely physically hit her head many times leaving bad bruise, jammed her hand in the door, hit her over table by head and to her face, just like did with me broke my ribs, hit in jaw full force with shovel, full force with shower head to my breast, hit same finger many times to make it crooked, hit nails to bleeding, hit knees to bruises, hit foot to bruises, caused damage to spine and neck, to my arm, to my lips, to my eye.

I created this petition to ask for support from everyone around the World to demand to make a law in Canada that will prohibit law enforcement raping women and children in secret undercover using surveillance technology and consider anyone that engages in raping women and baby girls to be accountable as any rapist, such as serial rapists and charge them with this crime and sentence accordingly. The rape by surveillance technology is incomparable with any human rapist, its complete battering of woman body that is enormously painful, to the most extreme sexually violating and debilitating and give the perpetrators cause such inhumane suffering for as long as they want, anyway they want and anywhere they want, including on the toilet and in the shower and in woman bed without entering her house, waking up at night by severe debilitating rape times again, battering woman by rape to death without any accountability at all ever. I consider this a tremendous threat to women and children well being and ask all people in Canada and around the World to support me to end women and innocent baby girls suffering because no one else can or willing to help stop it in Canada and this will go on forever.

I stand by every word I wrote in this petition that it is truth and only truth before God, on a Bible and at any Court. Read and sign if you care about future of women and girls innocent babies. 

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