Lower Healthcare Costs for Colorado's Most Vulnerable Patients

One of the most troubling and unjust aspects of our current healthcare system is that the most at-risk patients battling chronic illnesses and diseases end up paying the highest premiums for life-saving treatment.

That all could change in Colorado if recently introduced legislation survives its House vote.

The bill (HB19-1168), drafted by Colorado legislators, would establish a state- and federally-funded safety net for insurance companies as a means to lower high-cost premiums on individual health insurance claims. This bill, dubbed the "insurance for insurance companies" program, would actually benefit Coloradans by lowering costs for the state's sickest patients.

If passed, Colorado state legislators estimate the bill could save patients up to 35 percent on individual insurance claims.

This legislation has the potential to set the precedent for reforming our country's healthcare system beyond its five-year lifespan. Together, we can encourage our elected officials to enact legislation that brings us closer to a future of affordable healthcare.

Sign this petition today and pledge your support for Colorado's pioneering reinsurance program.
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