Stop the sexual exploitation of girls at work in Uganda.

Stand with youth advocates, who are taking on this important issue in Uganda.

High unemployment rates amongst young women means many are financially desperate. They also often have children and families to support. This means they are at high risk of being exploited.

They are being coerced into having sex with the boss to get a job, and forced to have sex with customers to keep it. With no other options, they stay, hoping things will get better.

But when girls and young women do speak out they are often not believed or taken seriously. It's not investigated and proper action isn't taken.

It's no surprise many women remain quiet in the face of violence and heartbreak. This has to change.

The good news is soon, the Minister of Gender, Labour and Social Development in Uganda is about to launch an official consultation on the sexual exploitation of girls and young women at work.

Through Plan International's Because I am a Girl project, Ugandan youth advocates Fiona, Faridah and Rowlings are calling for this consultation to focus on why action isn't being taken when incidents of sexual exploitation are reported.

Please add your name to their letter to the Minister to show they have support from across the world. 

Let us empower girls in Uganda and help them break the cycle of violence. Thank you.

Dear Minister for Gender, Labour and Social Development,

As many as one in ten girls in Uganda are affected by sexual abuse and exploitation, and this is a real issue for girls at work. When they are financially desperate bosses can take advantage – forcing them to have sex with customers to get and keep jobs.

This is happening to our sisters, our friends and our classmates.

Girls are being threatened to stay silent, and when they are brave enough to report it perpetrators aren't properly investigated or brought to justice. This must change.

We are writing to ask that you work with us to understand why action isn't taken when girls report incidents of sexual exploitation.

We must listen to girls and end this abuse of power.

Yours sincerely,

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