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Journalism is under assault in the United States

The twin threats of political attacks and economic pressures are imperiling independent journalism in America at a time when the public needs it most. Courageous journalism has held the Trump Administration accountable for the forgotten children and migrants trapped in an extrajudicial nightmare. It helped make #MeToo an enduring movement, elevated the fight for $15 an hour, and exposed the GOP's relentless drive to disenfranchise voters.

We cannot take it for granted. We must protect and strengthen it.

At a time when the integrity of our democracy and the very future of our planet are imperiled, we desperately need journalism that elevates public discourse and galvanizes action—exactly what The Nation has done for nearly 155 years.

Founded by abolitionists in 1865, we've long believed that independent journalism has the capacity to bring about a more democratic and equitable world. Our deep reporting on voter suppression, mass incarceration, economic inequality, climate change and more has shaped the news cycle, launched congressional hearings, and forced policy change.

Sign your name today and let us know you stand with and celebrate The Nation's distinctive brand of principled, progressive, independent journalism. Your support matters. Join us.

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