No animal should every be kicked, beaten, or shocked.

Big Ag calls them "downers." These pigs struggle to walk or even stand, but they can't due to the injuries and stress they have suffered.

But to move a "downer" pig along, they are brutalized, shocked, dragged, and kicked... all the way to the slaughter line... to benefit Big Pork's bottom line.

We are better than that. Let's demand that our government, and the Big Pork producers, show some decency and require medical care to injured animals instead of shocking and beating them while they are down.

TAKE ACTION NOW. Sign our urgent petition to Secretary of Agriculture Vilsack demanding humane treatment of downed pigs.
Sec. Vilsack,

I demand that you act immediately to end the cruel treatment of downed pigs. No animal should be kicked, beaten, and shocked just for being hurt. Especially not when Big Ag's treatment of pigs to benefit their bottom line caused their lameness in the first place. We are better than that. Please show decency and kindness to animals by taking action to end this practice.

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