Add your name to protect our democracy and help the most vulnerable Americans

The COVID-19 pandemic will affect us all in ways we still cannot entirely predict, but there are three core areas we should focus on to make sure our democracy and livelihoods are protected. We're calling on local, state and federal leaders to:

Protect the Right to Vote Amid a Global Pandemic

  • Expand vote by mail by sending all registered voters a postage paid ballot and establishing safeguards to protect voters

  • Extend early in-person voting so not everyone has to vote on Election Day

  • Adopt or expand online and same-day voter registration

  • Take measures to protect the health of voters and poll workers

  • Conduct voter education campaigns to inform the public of new practices and immediately quashing disinformation as it arises

Ensure a Fair Count in the 2020 Census So Every American Has a Voice in Our Democracy

  • Expand remote education and outreach to traditionally "hard-to-count" populations — communities of color, the disabled, immigrants, rural residences, and families with children under the age of five

Expand Proactive Economic Policies at the State and Federal Level

  • Expand Medicaid to better respond to COVID-19 and save lives

  • Dramatically increase unemployment insurance and SNAP benefits to help Americans who find themselves suddenly out of work

  • Covering communities that are the most vulnerable — the disabled, the homeless, and Americans not in standard jobs

Take action today!

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