Protect Access to Sustainable Clean Water to Prevent Child Mortality

Do you give your child dirty water, or no water at all?

Mother of three, Charity Arko faces this heartbreaking dilemma every day.

"My heart aches when I think about giving them dirty water" she says. But like many mums in South Sudan, she has no choice.

"I have three children, if I do not give them this dirty water they will die within a week." She says crouching to fill her water container with the putrid liquid.

No child should die from dirty water.

Yet every day, nearly 1,000 children under five die from unsafe water. While many more children get sick and suffer lifelong consequences, including stunted physical and mental growth and missing out on their education.

These children's deaths are preventable, and the solution is within our reach – but we need your help.

Please sign now to show your support children and demand more be done to help ensure every child worldwide can access sustainable clean water.
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