DEMAND Trump and Republicans fund the people's postal service before it's too late!

Established in 1775, America's Postal Service has roots older than our nation's Constitution – but without emergency funding, this American staple could be forced to shut down operations in a matter of weeks.

For months, Trump has attacked the USPS – hoping to take it from Americans' hands and sell it off to the highest bidder. And in the latest relief packages, Republicans actively prevented any direct aid for the Postal Service. We cannot stand for this.

As Americans stay indoors, millions are relying on the postal service for deliveries like essential medication, stimulus checks, and mail-in ballots. The ONLY way the USPS can continue its critical work is if we mobilize and act immediately.

The people's postal service needs to be left in the people's hands. Full stop.

And now more than ever, states are relying on vote-by-mail to keep elections safe and secure. If the Postal Service collapses right before the November elections, millions of voters could be disenfranchised.

We must help the USPS and stand with the more than 600,000 postal workers risking their own lives to save our democracy.

We must deliver our message loud and clear: Add your name to DEMAND Trump and Republicans fund the people's postal service before it's too late.

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