Electric Vehicles = Brighter Future

Electric vehicles save consumers big money on maintenance and repair costs, as well as fuel costs, versus gas-powered vehicles. More electric vehicles on the road mean less pollution. And investing in electric vehicles and their infrastructure will support new jobs—vital for the state to emerge from the current economic crisis.

But unless leaders hear from constituents who want investments in groundbreaking technology, more public charging stations, and incentives to purchase zero-emission vehicles, states like Arizona, Colorado, and Nevada could be left behind when it comes to a cleaner transportation future.

To make this cleaner transportation future a reality, the Governor and local lawmakers need to keep investing in the next generation of vehicle technology. Sign our petition to show your support for a brighter future!

As our state works towards its economic recovery, we urge you to put consumers first by including smart investments in the next generation of vehicle and charging technologies in your recovery plans. By accelerating a market revolution in electric vehicle transportation, our state can save consumers money, stimulate the economy and clean up our air.
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