Comcast: Drop the internet data cap and fees during COVID-19!

It's hard enough for so many of us to be home together sharing the same internet connection for school, work, and streaming. But Comcast — the nation's largest internet service provider — is making it even harder for American households during the pandemic! It's slapping a data cap on customers' internet usage, and charging overage fees that could top out at $100 a month!

Sign our petition to stop Comcast's money grab! Consumers have power when we speak out together, so let's put the pressure on this cable giant to stop this data cap before it goes into effect.

We urge you to immediately drop your plan to place a 1.2 TB monthly data cap on broadband internet service, and to charge up to $100 in monthly overage fees, for residential customers in 2021. With the nation in the midst of a deadly pandemic, affordable and reliable residential internet service is critical so we can work, learn, and stream from home. Please be part of the solution -- not the problem -- to helping our nation recover during this time, and drop your internet data cap and overage fees.
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