Too many elephants are dying or severely injured by speeding trains that pass through the elephant corridors of India. The above photo is of a pregnant adult female that was killed by a train in Dec 2023. She wasn't the only victim in this collision, a one year old calf was also thrown from the tracks which resulted in paralysis of her hind legs. Her life changed tragically in an instant. This calf, now named Bani is currently being treated at the Wildlife SOS Elephant Hospital in Mathura, India.

These tragedies are avoidable if the Indian Railways take measures to protect elephants from speeding trains. Currently, guidelines are in place that are ignored. Speed rules need to be enforced by Indian Railways and in addition, new AI technologies are available to alert train operators in advance of elephants near the tracks.

Please demand Indian Railways to implement all safety measures and adopt these new technologies NOW.
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petitie tekenen
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