Help Save America's Birds & Other Wildlife From Extinction

America's wildlife is in crisis — science tells us that we've lost 3 billion birds in less than a human lifetime and that two-thirds of North American bird species are at risk of extinction due to climate change. The Recovering America's Wildlife Act will ramp up support for declining species, like Golden-winged Warblers and Painted Buntings, to conserve them BEFORE they become endangered.

Audubon and our partners are working to build broad support for a suite of actions to bring birds back that foster on-the-ground conservation and recovery of bird populations, and protection and restoration of the habitats they need to thrive. The Recovering America's Wildlife Act is a key part of this effort, and bipartisan support for the bill has been growing every year.

Please ask your U.S. Senators to support the Recovering America's Wildlife Act to help thousands of wildlife species, including more than 800 bird species.
As a constituent who cares deeply about America's wildlife, I hope you will support the bipartisan Recovering America's Wildlife Act (S. 1149)

While many species have come back from the brink, such as the Bald Eagle, thousands of species of birds and other wildlife are in dire need of conservation. I strongly support efforts to help wildlife species before they become endangered.

States and tribes play a vital role in conserving and recovering species by helping to stabilize and reverse population declines before they reach critical levels. Tribes, all fifty states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico have identified species of greatest conservation need, but current funding levels are far from sufficient to meet their needs.

Introduced by Senators Martin Heinrich and Tom Tillis, the Recovering America's Wildlife Act would provide $1.4 billion to states and tribes to support their proactive wildlife conservation efforts. A Blue Ribbon panel, with representatives from conservation and sportsmen groups, business leaders, and former elected officials, determined that this level of dedicated funding would be necessary to successfully implement State Wildlife Action Plans. At the same time, the bill complements these efforts by expanding funding to recover threatened and endangered species and reduce their funding backlog.

The Recovering America's Wildlife Act presents a lifeline for wildlife and would expand opportunities for all of us to enjoy these species and healthy lands and waters here in our state and across the nation. I hope you will support this important legislation.
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