Help build safer cities for girls like Ngoc

*Content warning: The below contains sexual harassment 

When Ngoc was just 15, she was waiting to take an exam when a man pulled over his car, staggered towards her and exposed himself. Terrified, Ngoc ran until she could no longer see him.

What happened to Ngoc is horrifying and completely unacceptable.

But it's preventable.

Almost every woman in every country will face sexual harassment in her lifetime. But in cities like Hanoi, Vietnam, it's widespread and constant. For Ngoc, the daily leers and catcalls began when she was a child – and only escalated as a teenager.

This is why our Safer Cities program doesn't just support girls to learn basic self-defence training, the program works with boys and young men to encourage healthy and respect relationships. Plan International Australia's program is empowering girls like Ngoc to know their rights so they can feel safe and move freely about their city.

We're changing attitudes around sexual harassment and violence right across the city — for example a live radio broadcast on public transport is educating passengers every day, and we're partnering with local governments and policy makers to prioritise ending sexual harassment.

Join us now and together we will help build safer cities for girls everywhere!
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