Take a stand for local democracy.

The health and safety of Florida families are at risk more now than ever before. But state politicians beholden to corporate interests are blocking our power to make local laws to protect our communities.

We know our communities best—we should be able to make decisions on the issues that matter most, from earned sick leave to long-term rent stabilization to COVID-19 protections.

But state politicians beholden to corporate interests said "no" to local laws that ensure earned sick leave. They said "no" to long-term rent stabilization and local laws that protect public health and safety—all so that they can continue getting richer on the backs of working people. The disparities among Black Floridians and immigrants are even more severe.

We must be able to make our own local decisions and pass local laws for our community, especially as we respond to COVID-19. It's time for us to say "no" to interference from state politicians and corporate interests. Sign the petition now and take a stand for local democracy.

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