Tell the Queensland Government to Invest in Clean Energy Manufacturing

Queensland can utilise cheap solar and wind energy to spark an Australian manufacturing revival – creating new industries in areas like 'green' steel production and battery manufacturing.

The Sunshine State has a competitive renewable advantage with some of the world's best renewable energy resources and reserves of the minerals needed for the clean energy transition. 

New renewable manufacturing industries could create upwards of 25,000 long-term Australian jobs. But to make this happen, we need the Queensland Government to help kick-start these industries and maintain a strong pipeline of renewable energy activity for the state.

We're calling on the Queensland Government to encourage new renewable energy manufacturing industries by:

  • Ensuring the growth of the small and large-scale renewable energy industry, so there's a cheap energy supply for industry.
  • Rolling out battery storage systems on Queensland's solar homes and prioritising the installation of Queensland-made batteries.
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