Support the first Green law in Ontario

In 2018, Ontario elected its first ever Green MPP, Mike Schreiner. Now we can make history again by passing the first Green law in Ontario.

The Paris Galt Moraine Conservation Act would protect the drinking water supply of nearly 200,000 people in southern Ontario. Doing so would set a precedent that safe drinking water should come before corporate profits.

Precious water sources everywhere are under threat from climate change, urban sprawl, bottling operations, and polluting industries. And southern Ontario has already lost 72% of its original wetlands.

We need Mike Schreiner's legislation to prevent companies from depleting, polluting, and paving over our most important resource.

The Paris Galt Moraine Conservation Act has passed the first hurdles. Now we need a final vote in the legislature to turn it into law.

Add your name to help us protect Ontario's water.

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