Tell 500 companies and right-left leaders: PLANET EARTH IS NOT PARTISAN!

Planet Earth is not partisan. But politics and media make it so. Power brokers lock us apart, in media echo chambers that keep the people at war, and money in power.

We know a better way. We are Solution Citizens. 1.8 million Republicans, independents, and Democrats.  Citizens and business leaders across the "broad center" - the 70% of Americans fed up with the pay-to-play politics of hate, and all IN THIS TOGETHER to stop its destructive consequences for people and our planet.

We champion innovative clean energy that supports freedom, justice, prosperity, and sustainability, and democratic reforms that restore a nation of, by, and for the people.

We are challenging a political media business model that PROFITS FROM FEAR, and blocks the path to a clean energy future, to extract more money and power from us.

With 5 million voters, we can take the profit out of fear-based politics, and remove the barriers to clean energy. With 15 million consumers, we can depolarize the media, and end the fake news that spins us apart. As we do, we can tackle the root causes of injustice, spread opportunity and prosperity widely, build a new 21st century infrastructure, and transition our world to clean energy.

It's not a dream. It's a plan.  It will work because we span every divide, but we are all in this together. We have differences, but we are a family. When we join forces, we are unstoppable. We can solve any challenge together. We find meaning when we help others. We all share the planet, and our acts of caring, connection, and creation weave the complex social fabric that sustains us through adversity. To keep us united in challenging times, we act in a spirit of:

No Enemies — we work through our conflicts to find solutions
No Denial — we face facts, discuss our differences, and resolve them
No Excuses — we each do our part — every citizen, leader, and business
No Delays - we each take action now

Sign our Declaration of Interdependence. We will let 500 business and political leaders know they're also In This Together, and tell you if they join the pledge and how they take action to save the planet and support We the People.  

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