Help stop rounding up stray and lost cats and kittens by animal control team and killed them at the ACCTPHILLY.

    Since the problem started in Oct.2015 with a large population of cats and kittens roaming the streets in Philadelphila, Pa. And the round up began. More and more stray and lost cats had disappeared and we're told that they were going to be fixed, return to the neighborhood but that's not the case. More of them were killed, no thanks to neighbors who took part by signing a agreement and get paid by the City. There were 12 of them were involved, including the company van. I help feeding them on our property and there's no law against it yet us animal-lovers were treated like a criminal and they treated it like a major crimes. I have never seen anything like this in my entire life and we were being harassed by strange vehicles who following us whatever we go. Please help sign this petition to protect the strays and lost cats and animal lovers and you will be doing a great service to animalkind.
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    petitie tekenen
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