Take the pledge to #Vote4MentalHealth

May is Mental Health Month. It also means we're quickly approaching Election Day, taking place on Tuesday, Nov. 5. As we raise awareness of mental health throughout May, we have one question for you: will you #Vote4MentalHealth this year?

You already vote for mental health when you cast your ballot, even if you don't realize it. Nearly all campaign issues — from health care to the economy to housing and more — affect mental health. The policymakers we elect at all levels of government will make decisions impacting mental health resources and services in our communities.

The first step to make mental health a priority during Mental Health Month is to take the pledge to #Vote4MentalHealth. The pledge doesn't commit you to vote for a particular candidate. Your pledge is a commitment to do one thing: take the time to understand how your vote impacts mental health.

Sign now to join NAMI and learn more about why voting is so important to mental health, ways you can get involved and how to ensure you're ready to #Vote4MentalHealth this fall.

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