Take the Pledge: We Need 100% Clean Energy Now

Scorching heat waves. Rising sea levels. More destructive and severe storms. Rising energy prices.

These are only getting worse, and they're fueled by our dangerous addiction to costly, dirty, climate-busting fossil fuels from petro-dictatorships like Putin's Russia.

We need drastic action for the sake of future generations. The NRDC Action Fund works to mobilize the American public to lobby lawmakers and hold them accountable for their votes on climate policies.

Shifting away from fossil fuels and expanding affordable, job-creating clean energy are two of the best ways to build a better world for future generations.

And tackling the climate crisis is critical to securing the future of our food supply, defending clean water and air, and protecting wildlife.

Take the 100% Clean Energy Pledge today to show your support for the NRDC Action Fund's fight against the climate crisis, Big Oil and anti-environment lawmakers.

I, [Full Name], pledge to stand with the NRDC Action Fund in their fight for a just transition to a 100% clean energy economy, and will not accept our country's continued reliance on the dirty fossil fuels that drive climate change. 

I put my voice behind the millions of others who are deeply concerned about the enormous threats posed by climate change  to the future of our planet, and stand with people across the country in opposition to the continued use of fossil fuels and the politicians who continue to back the oil & gas industry. 

I demand bold action against climate change today.

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