Tell the FDA not to raise drug prices FOR PETS

Prescription drugs are an expense that Americans struggle to afford.

Now, as Congress debates how to lower the cost of medications for people, the FDA is moving in the opposite direction. The FDA is proposing a new policy that could raise the cost of many prescription medications for our beloved pets by more than 300%!

Pets are important members of millions of families around the country. They are always there for us, especially during this public health pandemic that has forced people to isolate and social distance. We are sounding the alarm about the FDA's proposed policy because it will hurt veterinarians' ability to treat pets and raise the costs of pet health care for families across the country, particularly low-income people and seniors on fixed incomes. It will also drive up costs for animal shelters and increase financial euthanasia of animals.

ADD YOUR NAME to tell the FDA to focus on lowering prescription drug prices, not raising them for pet owners.

Pet owners, veterinarians, shelters, and many others dedicated to the well-being of our beloved pets are all sounding the alarm about the FDA's policy proposal that raises the cost of medications by more than 300%. Should GFI #256 be implemented, providing critical medications and care will become prohibitively expensive for millions of families. As my elected representative, I'm appealing to you directly. Please convey my concern for the proposed guidance and ensure that the FDA recognizes how it would burden families and pet care providers, particularly during a difficult historic global health and economic challenges.

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