Sign up to support the youth movement fighting climate change

Today's youth are arguably the most motivated and impressive generation of change-makers we've seen in modern history -- this was made crystal clear by their organized, global movement to combat climate change. 

While the youth climate movement has spent years tirelessly organizing, protesting, and demanding equitable climate action from lawmakers, they have also stepped up to meet this moment, supporting vulnerable communities hit hardest by the pandemic and marching alongside the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Many of these young activists are out of work due to COVID-19, are struggling with student loans, or are ineligible for unemployment benefits, and they need your help to continue their important work for a better future. 

You can help support the youth climate movement right now by participating in Credo Mobile's monthly public vote that determines how Credo will allocate $150,000 to three different organizations.

Sign your name and we'll send you instructions on how you can vote for an essential organization to the youth climate movement to receive vital funding from Credo.

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