Join Congressman Joe Cunningham in Banning Offshore Drilling!

This summer, many of us spent a lot of time at the beach here in South Carolina and along both U.S. coasts.

But unless Congress takes urgent action, our beautiful coastlines could be destroyed by oil drilling. As a former ocean engineer, I know how destructive drilling can be -- that's why I've introduced legislation to ban offshore drilling. Now we need a surge of supporters to call on Congress to vote YES on this ban.

Big Oil groups are spending big to block my legislation -- they want to keep making money hand over fist, no matter the cost to the families, businesses, and wildlife who rely on our pristine coastlines for their lives and livelihoods. 

That's why I'm calling on 50,000 activists to make their voices heard and tell Congress that we stand against offshore drilling.

Take action today and join me in calling for a ban against offshore drilling! 


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