Snoop the Dog Chases His Owners' Car as They Abandon Him in Heartbreaking New Footage

The footage is devastating. Two people pull over on the side of the road and leave their Staffordshire Bull Terrier alone with nothing but his dog bed. Before they take off, the dog, nicknamed Snoop by his rescuers, runs back to the car, in hopes of being let inside. Thinking they're just playing a game, he circles the car and hops up to see his owners.

But eventually, the owners drive away, as Snoop chases the car down.

Please sign this petition urging West Midlands Police to do everything they can to find the cruel owners who abandoned Snoop.

Thankfully Snoop was rescued, and he is now in the care of veterinarians who are searching for his next home. They were able to scan his microchip and find two previous owners, but they don't believe either of those owners were the heartless people who abandoned him.

It's understandable when owners decide they can no longer care for their pets, but there's never an excuse for abandoning pets. The cruel people who did this to Snoop must be found and held accountable.

Please fight for justice for Snoop by signing this petition. Let's make sure authorities do everything they can to find out who did this.
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