This Poor Kitten Was Found Starved and Shaved With His Testicles Cut Off

It was the worst case of animal abuse workers at a cat rescue had ever seen - and that's saying something. An innocent male kitten was found in a box, barely hanging on. He was malnourished, had been partially shaved and his testicles had been cut off with scissors. 

Please sign this petition to demand authorities find the person responsible for this heinous abuse!

The poor little guy was left abandoned in a small box, starving and covered in his own feces. The rescuers said the kitten had "suffered beyond belief" and that there was a 50% chance he will not survive this trauma. They also said that the kitten was absolutely a pet, given that he was too friendly to be a feral cat. Though regardless of whether the animal was a pet or a street animal, he didn't deserve this pain. 

A human did this to him. Someone took a pair of scissors and cut his testicles.

It's been proven again and again that animal abuse is linked to violence towards humans.
Abusing a helpless baby kitten is horrendous enough, but the idea that the culprit could move on to human victims should make us all speak up!

Early intervention is key with violent behavior and so we must insist that authorities get serious about figuring out who did this and hold them accountable.
petitie tekenen
petitie tekenen
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