Demand climate solutions, not climate sabotage

Under Doug Ford, Ontario has abandoned every trace of climate action.

The Premier has:

-Spent $30 million on a legal battle to fight carbon pricing

-Forced gas stations to display misleading stickers

-Torn up nearly 800 renewable energy contracts

-Cancelled rebates for electric vehicles and energy efficiency

-Cut funding to tree planting and flood protection

Ontarians are experiencing first hand extreme floods, storms and fires. But the Premier is more concerned with fighting climate solutions than fighting climate change.

Mike Schreiner and the Ontario Greens are offering a bold vision to tackle the climate emergency by creating jobs in the $26 trillion global clean economy. 

Jobs building public transit and installing clean energy; retrofitting our homes and buildings; and planting trees and growing healthy food. We urgently need these solutions to avert climate breakdown.

 Sign today if you want climate solutions, not climate sabotage.

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