Hold Canada Accountable to stronger health systems for women and girls

Nineteen-year old Sumi Kaiser is a well-known leader in her community in remote Bangladesh. She is part of an adolescent girls group that discuss the prevention of child marriage and strategies to educate community members about sexual and reproductive health.

Sumi knows that achieving gender equality requires accessible health services that are there to support girls and women when they need them most.

Simple and cost-effective solutions such as education about family planning, proper diet and access to skilled health workers, can mean the difference between life and death. In fact, educating women and adolescents about the importance of family planning and modern methods of contraception can prevent as many as 73% of maternal deaths and improve the survival rate of children.

When more girls like Sumi are empowered to live happy and healthy lives, entire communities are transformed. 

Thankfully, with your support, our government has been helping fund life-saving maternal and child health and sexual reproductive health and rights interventions for the most vulnerable. In June 2019, our Government locked in its position as a global leader with a ten-year, $1.4 billion annual investment beginning in 2023.

Canadians play a key role in holding the Government of Canada accountable to spend what has been committed for the most vulnerable. Will you help reinforce this incredible commitment?

Sign the petition if you believe that everyone has the right to Canada quality healthcare, no matter who they are or where they live.
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