Stop deep sea mining before it starts

The deep sea is a treasure trove of biodiversity and home to untold wonders and possibilities. It is also one of our best allies against climate change. But a threat is coming: deep sea mining.

The good news is we can stop this industry before it's too late. But we don't have much time.

Deep sea mining companies, including Canada-based 'The Metals Company', are pressuring our governments to let them go several kilometers below the surface of the ocean, and chew up the seabed to extract metals. If this industry is given the green light, gigantic machines weighing more than a blue whale will be lowered onto the ocean floor to plunder these pristine ocean ecosystems.

This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity. Help us stop another extractive industry from damaging the global oceans.

Canada and all governments around the world need to take a strong stand against deep sea mining. They must call for this industry to stop before it starts and to commit to protecting the deep ocean.

UPDATE: On 10 July 2023, the Canadian government announced its support for a moratorium on deep sea mining in international waters. This is a big win for people power. But the deep ocean is still under threat.

Please sign this petition to tell the Canadian government to hold the line and actively engage with other countries to convince them to make a deep sea mining moratorium a reality.
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