Urge KFC to commit to change for chickens

60 billion chickens are raised for global consumption each year. Two thirds of these live in overcrowded sheds or cages, often with no natural light or fresh air, unable to spread their wings. Due to their overgrown size and the speed at which they're raised, many will suffer painful lameness, overworked hearts and lungs, and wounds.

These animals have no chance to behave naturally. No choice but to sit or stand in their own waste, before being slaughtered at as young as five weeks old.

Sign our petition urging KFC to commit to only buying slower-growing birds and giving them more natural light and space to keep them healthy and active. As a food industry leader, KFC can deliver massive change for chickens.

We're handing KFC this petition on World Food Day, October 16. By signing you will join the more than 400,000 people worldwide who have already added their support. Help us reach 500,000 signatures and strike a blow against cruel factory farming.

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