Pledge To Save Elephants: The gentle giants in grave danger

Elephants are iconic.

The largest land animals on the planet. An astonishing force of nature. Majestic and magnificent. It seems unthinkable that they could be in danger of disappearing any time soon. 

But this is a distinct reality. 

African forest elephant numbers have fallen by more than 86% in the last 30 years. 

Please sign now to help protect them.

They have been the innocent victims of a terrifying assault for decades; surrounded by a horrifying culture of persecution, they are relentlessly hunted for their ivory tusks and meat. Coupled with the mounting threats to their habitat from a growing human population, this leaves them in an extremely perilous position.

There is a very real possibility that future generations may never get to see elephants in the wild. A terrifying prospect that elephants will become a memory as distant as the dinosaurs.

The world is running out of elephants to protect.

We have to act now. 

Pledge now that you will support elephants. Pledge that you will help fund their protection. Pledge that you won't let them perish without resistance.

We have a crucial opportunity to help and we still have time to make a difference. Let's make sure elephants can remain free and wild. The outcome of their future is in our power.

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