Sign the Petition: Balance Our Tax Code

It's time to fix our upside down tax code, which results in people with low incomes paying six times as much of their income in taxes as the wealthiest. Washington has the most upside down tax code in the country -- we can and must do better.

Balancing the tax code so the wealthiest pay their share means we'll have more revenue to invest in the foundations that every community needs to thrive, like great schools, healthcare for all, infrastructure to support our economy, and more. Every community in every part of the state has potential, yet too many communities have been left behind for too long due to inequities in state investments.

Stand up for low- and middle-income families and begin to balance our tax code starting with closing the tax loophole on capital gains, so the wealthiest pay their share and so we can invest in the things that benefit all of us -- world-class public schools for all kids, protecting a healthy climate, affordable housing and preventing homelessness, and more.  

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