Help Migratory Birds Across the Western Hemisphere

Each spring, more than half of our nation's bird species return from their wintering habitat in Latin America and the Caribbean, including beloved yet declining songbirds and shorebirds.

We have lost three billion birds in North America alone since 1970, and to stem the tide of further devastating losses of migratory birds, we need to conserve their habitats across the Western Hemisphere.

The bipartisan Migratory Birds of the Americas Conservation Enhancements Act (H.R. 4389/S. 4022) would do just that by increasing on-the-ground conservation projects.

Urge Congress to support urgently needed conservation funding for America's migratory birds.

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As a constituent who values and enjoys migratory birds in my community and is concerned about their significant population declines, I am writing to ask you to support and cosponsor the bipartisan Migratory Birds of the Americas Conservation Enhancements Act (H.R. 4389/S. 4022) and help advance this critical legislation.

More than half of our nation's bird species migrate to Latin America and the Caribbean for wintering habitat, including beloved yet declining songbirds, shorebirds, and more. North America's bird populations have declined by 3 billion birds since 1970, and most of the losses are from migratory species. To succeed in recovering and conserving these birds, we need to expand conservation for these species across their ranges.

Protecting birds is good for the economy. According to a just-released U.S. Fish and Wildlife survey, over 96 million people report bird watching, contributing to more than $250 billion spent in 2022 on wildlife watching.

The bill reauthorizes and enhances the Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation Act by expanding its accessibility and capacity. This grant program advances critical bird conservation efforts throughout the Western Hemisphere by catalyzing partnerships and leveraging funding. It has supported more than 700 habitat restoration and protection projects in 43 countries across the Americas, including 40 U.S. states and territories.

Our migratory bird populations urgently need support, so I hope I can count on you to support this critical legislation.

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