Take Action Before Poachers Kill The Last Rhino

Can you imagine a world without rhinos? If historical strongholds like South Africa's Kruger National Park continue to lose rhinos at current rates, a world without rhinos could be a grim reality.

In roughly the last decade, Kruger has lost almost 70 percent of its rhinos. Northern white rhinos became functionally extinct in 2018 with the death of Sudan, the last male Northern white rhino. And, since 1960, the population of the critically endangered black rhino has declined an estimated 97.6 percent. This ruthless killing funds a lucrative black market where poachers and wildlife criminals make millions of dollars from people who buy the illegally traded rhino horn, falsely believing it can cure cancer and other ailments.

Extinction is looming for Africa's gentle rhinos but there is hope. In September 2019, with support from African Wildlife Foundation, the United States passed the RAWR Act to combat wildlife trafficking and poaching. This act strengthened the anti-poaching and anti-trafficking efforts being undertaken by African governments and conservation partners, like AWF. 

Don't let poachers drive rhinos into extinction. Honor Sudan's legacy and sign this petition if you agree that illegal wildlife poaching has no place on our planet.

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