• van: Jacqueline G.
  • ontvanger: Environmental Justice Advisory Council, Committee on Climate Crisis and The ESPA

ARCTIC ANIMALS AND MARINE LIFE NEED OUR VOICES! This already fragile ecosystem home to seven endangered species is dealing with never before seen waste & contamination invading their Arctic habitat.

Ask the "Environmental Justice Advisory Board" and "Committee on Climate Crisis" conduct an Environmental Impact Study/emphasis on tankers & cruise ships; current & future impact usage of the Northwest Passage or commission an independent, impartial qualified entity to conduct the study. Results of this study; write adequate Laws to be implemented for all ships wanting to use the passage.

SIMPLE BUT EFFECTIVE – SUGGESTED PRIOR TO STUDY COMPLETION There is too much at risk. Set a maximum trips allowed monthly thru the passage. The passage is not only home to seven (10) endangered species indigenous only to the area, it is also home to (7) species of threatened status of which only 3 are non-indigenous. Declare the land on both sides of the entire route ( at least 1 mile inland) and the passage waters as well, as a protected wildlife sanctuary, to prevent building of structures, ports or drilling. The exception being wildlife monitoring posts.

A usage permit program for all Merchant/Cruise ships applying to use the passage. One Permit per ship/per trip. The cost of these permits example: an Environmental Fee Permit could be tonnage x rate plus a rate for type of cargo, minimum permit fee @ $10k cruise ships, cargo $20k & up. Fee could cover the costs for hiring qualified risk management personnel to monitor & respond. Declare the land along the passage and the passage itself sanctuary, with permit issued use, making it self funded & giving the passage the badly needed infrastructure for reducing disaster risk and pollution.

Thank you for signing.

The U.S. White House President Biden's Administration "Environmental Justice Advisory Board" and "Committee on Climate Crisis".

Update #11 maanden geleden
Hello signers, thank you for signing this petition. The petition started with a 3,443 signature base adding the 123, we now sit at 3,566 signatures. Share like crazy & it won't be long until sending it to Corey F. Solow, Deputy Director for Environmental Justice, Viola Waghiyl, Environmental Health and Justice Program Director Alaska Community Action on Toxics & several other members. Thank you and have a great day.
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