Commit to Protecting the World's Forests

The Earth is warming rapidly. Forest loss is accelerating. Wildlife is vanishing. Climate change is already impacting people around the world in alarming ways. 

Climate scientists agree that we have just 11 years left to prevent a global climate catastrophe. If we don't, we could witness a cascade of disasters, including runaway global warming, massive coastal flooding, extreme heat, drought, famine, and devastating storms within our lifetimes. 

Thankfully, there is a powerful and efficient technology to absorb the greenhouse gases that cause global warming: trees. The Rainforest Alliance protects and strengthens the world's critically important forests through proven strategies—including sustainable agriculture, reforestation, rehabilitation of degraded land, and community forestry—that can deliver well over 30% of the global climate solution we urgently need.

But we can't do it alone. Our success is only possible if we can build an international alliance of supporters like you. Will you raise your hand today and commit to protecting the world's forests? 

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