Demand Action from Harrisburg: Lower Prescription Drug Costs & Hold Drug Corporations Accountable

Prescription drug costs are out of control. It's time that we take the control back.

Two out of every three Pennsylvanians are worried about the rising cost of prescription drugs. As a result, they're leaving prescriptions at the pharmacy or rationing their medicine by cutting pills in half or skipping doses — they're not getting the medicine they need to stay healthy. Too many have to make the difficult choice of paying for medicine or essentials like food and housing.

Why? Pharmaceutical companies claim that high prices reflect the cost of research and development. However, they spend more money on advertising, marketing, and sales than they do on research. They need to be held accountable. Without intervention, fewer and fewer Pennsylvanians will be able to afford prescription drugs to have the best chance at a healthy life.

Take action today by demanding that lawmakers in Harrisburg support affordable prescription drugs and price transparency.
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