Do Your Part for Philly's Plastic Pollution: Choose Tap Water Over Bottled

Nothing we use for a few minutes should pollute our planet for thousands of years--especially when tap water is cheaper and held to stricter health standards than what comes out of a plastic bottle. That's why PennEnvironment is supporting the Drink Philly Tap Project*, and asking 10,000 Philadelphians to do their part to reduce plastic waste from single-use plastic water bottles and MOVE BEYOND THE BOTTLE. 

Will you help us in this effort by adding your name today? 

By taking the Tap Pledge, I pledge to choose tap water over bottled water. Some simple things I can do to make this choice are: 

  • Carry a reusable water bottle when I'm out.
  • Drink tap water at home instead of buying bottled water. 
  • Refuse bottled water when it's offered. 
  • Share this pledge and ask friends and family to join this effort!

*Drink Philly tap is a project of PennEnvironment Research and Policy Center, ImpactEd, the Water Center at University of Pennsylvania and the Post Landfill Action Network. 
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