Tell the government: No new coal, oil or gas projects

The message from scientists is clear: no new fossil fuel exploration.

But instead of taking them seriously, Rishi Sunak has announced a wild new dash for oil and gas.

With plans to issue over 100 new drilling licenses, our prime minister is setting us up for climate catastrophe. It's clear that new fossil fuel developments, including extracting new oil, coal and gas that'll add more emissions to the atmosphere, aren't compatible with tackling climate change. That's why we're fighting new fossil fuel projects across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. We are calling for a focus on cheaper, home-grown renewable energy and demanding better energy efficiency through a nationwide home insulation programme.

Climate change is already battering the planet with unprecedented wildfires and heatwaves across the globe. Granting hundreds of new oil and gas licences will simply pour more fuel on the flames, while doing nothing for energy security as these fossil fuels will be sold on international markets and not reserved for UK use.

So please tell his government to rethink its dangerous plans before the drilling starts.

Sign and tell the UK government to address the climate crisis, and rule out all new coal, oil and gas extraction projects in the UK.
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