Tell Congress: Stop Plastic Foam Pollution Now!

Plastic foam pollution threatens our water quality, fish and wildlife, and human health. This noxious form of pollution is non-recyclable and will never fully break down, leaving behind microplastics that impact the health of our environment and communities. This harmful plastic pollution is not necessary, as sustainable materials offer a safer and Bay-friendly alternative. It's time to say farewell to these unnecessary and toxic plastic foams!

The Farewell to Foam Act (H.R. 6654/S. 3440) is currently under consideration in Congress and would phase out the sale and use of foam food ware, packaging, and single-use coolers beginning in 2026. But right now your representatives need to hear from you. Tell them you are ready to say farewell to foam and urge them to co-sponsor this critical piece of legislation!

Plastic pollution is an ongoing tragedy for our rivers, communities, and the Chesapeake Bay, and plastic foams are the worst of it. Join CBF in urging Congress to support and swiftly pass the Farewell to Foam Act to protect our environment, wildlife, and health.
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