Airlines: Give us refunds, not vouchers!

As COVID-19 cases continue to surge, the CDC is recommending that Americans stay home and cancel their travel plans for the holidays. In response, everyday people are cancelling their flights to protect public health.  

U.S. airlines got $50 billion in financial relief from Congress due to the coronavirus pandemic. But countless consumers whose flights were cancelled or impacted by COVID-19 aren't getting their money back from the airlines — instead they're being given travel vouchers despite no clear answer on when it will be safe to travel again.

Sign our petition to the airlines demanding cash refunds to consumers who had flights canceled, or elected not to fly, during this crisis. Consumers deserve the same treatment as giant corporations when it comes to getting financial help during this unprecedented time!

Airline CEOs:

Like the airlines, consumers are struggling financially during the coronavirus pandemic. Which is why your airline should give a cash refund to any customer who had a flight cancelled, or elected to cancel a flight, due to COVID-19. Vouchers for future flights are insufficient since no one knows when regular travel will resume, and some consumers will not be flying at all. Please immediately refund money to all travelers who had their flights impacted by this unprecedented health and financial crisis.
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