Stop the programs on TV channel ViaSat Explore that promote hunting in general, and more specifically archery hunting.

  • van: artem m
  • ontvanger: ViaSat company manager, Alliance for Animal Rights, Minister of Culture V. R. Medinsky

We demand to stop the programs on TV channel that promote hunting in general, and more specifically archery hunting.

Most TV viewers find these types of programs cruel and violent. For example, on the TV channel Viasat Explore demonstrate show hunters pursue wounded animals for many kilometers and then finish them. Wound by an arrow from a bow is usually extremely painful and does not lead to quick death and this is especially cruel. These programs do not promote positive emotions. The creators and producers of these movies want to present these hunting practices from the positive side, but in fact it is a very painful and ritualistic killings of the animals that are shown. Any cruelty can not teach anything good. Humanity must move in the opposite direction from hunting and cruelty and not vice versa. These barbaric practices, such as hunting with a bow, do not have a place in the modern world and society.

Please STOP showing such shows on your channel!

Note from Care2: These programmes include Montana Wild - see distressing trailer here, and Ultimate Survival Alaska.

Photo of man with crossbow

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