Stand Up for Critical Wildlife Habitat

In the next decade, natural habitat the size of Italy could be swallowed up by strip malls and paved by highways.


The booming sprawl of growing cities puts beloved natural spaces at risk — meaning vulnerable creatures are being pushed out of their homes in forests, coastlines and prairies. But the good news is, we don't have to choose between having thriving cities and protecting nature and wildlife.

The Nature Conservancy has solutions for expanding our communities without harming nature, and we're calling on local and national leaders to make smart city planning a priority right now. Pledge to stand with us and speak out for vital habitats and threatened wildlife. Your voice matters as we push for proactive urban development that avoids harming our most precious natural places and creatures.

Protect Critical Wildlife Habitat

I agree that we don't have to choose between protecting nature and growing our cities. We need to plan for a future where development can occur without harming our vital natural areas and the wildlife that call them home. I pledge to stand with The Nature Conservancy in calling for proactive, responsible city planning that lets people and nature thrive together.

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