We can end the HIV epidemic: Tell the Administration and Congress to keep their promises in the fight against HIV!

We need our political leaders to prioritize the fight against HIV. Add your name today and help us keep the pressure on to end the HIV epidemic!

For people who are HIV-negative, pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) can prevent you from ever acquiring the virus. But barely 20% of Americans at-risk for acquiring HIV are accessing PrEP. The Affordable Care Act makes access to prevention, treatment and medical care available to more people living with and vulnerable to HIV, but its promise is not yet true in every state.

Nearly 40,000 new cases of HIV and 15,000 HIV-related deaths are still happening annually in our country. And approximately 15% of those who have HIV do not know it. The American HIV epidemic is increasingly concentrated in communities of color, LGBTQ populations, and Southern states. Now both the Administration and Congress say they support ending the HIV epidemic in America. But to reach that goal more is needed.

The fight to end the epidemic is at risk if the Administration and Congress do not maintain and expand efforts to end the epidemic and make sure all Americans can access the prevention, treatment and care they need.

Ending our national HIV epidemic requires a strong and coordinated federal response. That is what AIDS United works every day to make happen.

We need our political leaders to keep the fight against HIV a priority. Add your name today and help us put the pressure on to end the HIV epidemic!
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